The Cody's with Raimo, visiting a Viking Malt Lahti Finland

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Josh & Aaron from BJ's at Bryggeri Helsinki for a collaboration brew!

Josh with Pekka "Mr. Sahti" in Lammi Finland

Viking Malt booth at Brau Beviale 2017.

(notice Josh and Raimo on the wall)

Colorado Malting Company has sought the world over to find our customers exotic undiscovered malts from the far corners of the globe. February 25, 2016 Colorado Malting and Viking Malt Oy in Lahti, Finland hooked up on a deal to bring Colorado and all of North America these premier malts of the highest quality. 

Along with Finnish malts coming to the US for the first time May 2016, Colorado Malting also began a project to take it's products around the globe via contract malting with Viking. In April of 2016, Viking Malt created the first batches of Colorado Malt malted on contract. Viking has local craft barley producers growing the same exact varieties as are gown in Colorado, and within 20km of the malt house. Further, Finland’s growing conditions are very similar to Colorado. Simply put, what Finland has in latitude Colorado has in altitude. Once these local barleys were secured, we combined the local Finnish varieties with Colorado Malting Company’s secret recipes and techniques, creating for the first time, available to the entire world, Colorado Craft Malts, via Viking Malt Oy.

The Cody's visiting a farm near Lahti Finland

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Pekka and Aaron brewing America's first, authentic Finnish Sahti with Viking Malt, Nordic Juniper and more;)...