Bobby, Jason and Josh Cody.  The three sons of Wayne.

For thousands of years, our ancestors have worked hard to harvest their crops during this season.  It is our duty and pleasure to continue that time honored tradition, in order to bring you the best malted grains on earth.  What a privilege to carry...

Colorado Malting Company

Even though Colorado Malting Company was founded in 2008, there is a rich history behind its creation.  During the 1930's, much of the San Luis Valley was experiencing an agricultural boom.  Ray "Pappy" Coody, picked up his wife and two sons, leaving Oklahoma, and moved to the San Luis Valley.  With high hopes and a pioneer spirit, he broke ground littered in chico bush and caked with alkali dust, believing that hard work would cultivate good earth. 80 years later, we are living proof that his undying perseverance brought about fertile soil .  His son, Bob, would eventually take over the humble farming operation and expand it many times over.  With ambition and insight, he made contracts with Coors, growing high country barley for one of the worlds foremost breweries.  Along the way, he also started a dairy.  For many years, the Cody's (Coody's) lived and farmed on the Henry road, producing Coors barley and milk for the wonderful state of Colorado. In the early 1970's, Wayne, one of Bob's sons, took over the dairy from his father and started his own family.  Over the years, Wayne took over more and more of the dairy and farming operations.  Then in 1994, Wayne sold the dairy cows and became a full time farmer, cultivating Coors barley and alfalfa hay.  All told, the Cody's grew Coors barley for neigh on 50 years on Road 12 South.  Then, in early 2007, Wayne, along with his friends and family, decided to convert the old dairy barn into a malting facility to meet the needs of the local breweries in this beautiful state.  His oldest son Jason, was one CMC's founders and now runs the day to day operations.  Joshua, Wayne's middle son, has been an active part of design and fabrication and along with Bobby, the youngest son, they have helped the company grow in many ways.  
As of today, the future is bright and in that same pioneer spirit, passed down by their forefathers, they continue to work hard.  To them, this means serving this great state with quality malted grains, so that you can make the best beer in the world.   
Cheers, Prost, & Kiipis!!

The Original Craft Malt