Colorado Malting Company

CM/VM Cooperation
In 2016, Colorado Malting Company formed a cooperation with Viking Malt in Lahti Finland. CMC sought the world over to find our customers exotic undiscovered malts from the far corners of the globe.
Now, Colorado Malting Company is bringing Scandinavian malt to the US for the first time while taking their products around the globe via contract malting with Viking. In April of 2016, Viking Malt created the first batches of Colorado Malt produced on contract. Viking has local craft barley producers growing the same exact varieties as are grown in Colorado, and within 20km of the malt house. Further, Finland’s growing conditions are very similar to Colorado. Simply put, what Finland has in latitude Colorado has in altitude. Once these local barleys were secured, Viking Malt combined the local Finnish varieties with Colorado Malting Company’s secret recipes and techniques, creating for the first time, available to the entire world, Colorado Craft Malts! Great things are brewing in the Polar region of the world!

World Brewing Congress

Colorado Malting Company talking about their perspective on The State of Our Food.

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Find premium Colorado Malt in these all Colorado brews.  

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Josh Cody and some of the top producers of craft products agree - its the ingredients that make the difference! 

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The Original Craft Malt

You never know where you will find the Colorado Malt crew!

The Great Central City Beerfest

Colorado Malting Company is honored to provide the malt for this Fat Tire Amber Ale. As New Belgium Brewing celebrates 25 years, see what they are doing below to memorialize this iconic brew with it's Fat Tire and Friends pack - 

Colorado Malting Company talking about their perspective on The State of Our Food with a special appearance by Laws Whiskey House's own Jake Whiskey

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Brewing Aspen Kolsche and Aspen Back with Three Barrel Brewing. 

New Belgium Brewing using Colorado Malting companies malted sunflower seeds in their Hof ten Dormaal Collaboration. Click below and check it out.