"Jason from CO, your crystal malt was amazing, I hope you won't mind if I ask you to do another custom batch sometime!"
Ben Potts
Dogfish Head Brewery & Eats
Milton, Delaware

"The malt was wonderful, ran through our mill’s tightest setting and lautered like a dream.  The malt character perfectly balances the experimental hops.  I’m very proud of this beer."

Brett Porter
Goose Island Beer Company Chicago, IL

"The barley tastes fantastic, is consistent, is clean, it helps us to create incredible Red Ales.  Instead of buying barley from England or Germany from a faceless company, we know exactly who is producing ours and who is benefiting from our business.  And that creates loyalty, value and meaning for us"
Branden Miller co-owner and head  brewer
         Black Shirt Brewing
Denver, Colorado
"The beer I made with your malted amaranth and quinoa placed third in the first round (regional) of the National Homebrewer's Competition... All who taste it without knowing it is gluten free, would not guess that it is. So THANKS for making it easier for me by malting those two key ingredients in the beer."
Chad McGougan
   Colonel, U.S. Army
    & homebrewer

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We provide Colorado with the highest handcrafted brewing malt available.
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Thank you for visiting our website.  Please read about the latest happenings at CMC and check out all of available malts.  Send us a message and tell us what you think about our products or tell us about your latest brew and how we can help.  We are simply people who love malt, love beer and want to help you brew at the highest level.  We do this through providing the highest quality malts in the world!  Thanks again and cheers!!!
 We will deliver, to your doorstep, the highest quality malted grains.  We are not only a malt company, we are an operational barley farm.  We grow the grain that we malt, fresh and plump,and it is ready to mash in to your next BREW! 

Colorado Malting Company is excited to announce the creation of the Rocky Mountain Malting Technical Institute (RMMTI) with our initial conference beginning Thursday August 13th, 2015, in Alamosa, Colorado. 

Our vision for RMMTI is  to gather experts in the industries of agriculture, malting, brewing and distilling in order to focus on 2-row barley production and craft malting specifically designed for craft brewing and distilling. The art and science of craft malting is an under-explored region of the home craft brewing, micro-brewing, and craft distilling movement. RMMTI will provide an opportunity for brewers and distillers to learn, and take control, of the malt that makes their art.

How does malt become malt? Where does it begin? What does it look like in the farmers field? How can brewers and distillers learn to work with producers to get the best quality and freshest malts available to the market? Can the farmer, with the brewers' help, increase brew house performance or flavor? Understanding the malt from the field to the glass begins first on the farm and then continues into the malt house. RMMTI offers craft brewers, distillers, home brewers, and both hopeful and craft maltsters, the opportunity to experience the process from the field to the glass! This conference will take attendees into the barley fields to view the growing barley, then into the malthouse where they will see a detailed presentation on how barley is malted as well as experience hands on training in malting and see the malt at 4 different stages in the process.  The conference will then culminate  in an academic discussion of how the elements of the process they just witnessed impact their product. 

Contact Information

If you are a brewer, hopeful malter, distiller, or home brewer, who is interested in learning more about the malt that makes your art please fill out the contact information below and we will contact you about registering for RMMTI.  

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